University of Digital Science

Main Idea

UDS Application Process

Main Idea

The UDS is an entirely new type of university focused on digital transformation. UDS stands for its unique entrepreneurial „thinking & acting“ teaching and learning  approach, which educates our graduates and executives to create value through deep digital understanding and rigorous analysis of action, experimentation, and creativity.

Our Purpose
Educating Pioneers in Digital Competences in Space of Blended Learning Environment.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to reinvent education and research to more participation, diversity, creativity and sustainable competences to provide skills for creating the future.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the next generation of digital professionals and executives who create great economic and social value everywhere with a world-class education in the form of University-as-a-Service.

UDS Main Idea

“The UDS strives for both inter­disciplinary and trans­disciplinary networking. Therefore UDS 

intends to systematically collaborate with representatives from professional and social 

practice at the cutting edge of technology in teaching, research and development.“



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