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Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

The following values inspire our work, our strategic approach, and guide us in all our interactions with each other, students, our partners, and the broader community:

Discover and share new knowledge and new ways of leading through our teaching, research, intellectual debate, and use of technology.

Engage and collaborate with each other, our students, alumni, partners, professional groups, and communities locally and internationally.

Empowering each other and our students to grow, contribute, take on challenges, and make a difference.

Fulfill our commitments to each other, our students, our partners, and the community and uphold high standards and ethical behavior.

To ensure sustainable stewardship of our local and global environment and our ability to create a positive, viable future.

Our study programs and research programs are geared towards “Digital Science”. The focus is on a digital learning platform with individual cockpits for all students and teachers, which enables university attendance times to be hybridized as needed for full-time students and working professionals. The compatibility of family, career and learning (studies) is always promoted. Our modules can be combined in modules to create internationally recognized degrees.

The curriculum provides for a flexible design of the course sequences without time and content restrictions. Thus, all students should be able to graduate according to their own focus and flexible study times.

We strive for interdisciplinary and at the same time transdisciplinary networking. Representatives of various scientific disciplines systematically work together with users and representatives of knowledge from professional and societal practice at the latest technical level.


Study Programs
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