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University Concept

The digital transformation is omnipresent. It is changing the way we communicate, live, learn, work and look at the world with unprecedented speed and force. No area of life is spared from this development. We are therefore faced with the great challenge of shaping this new world in a way that is worth living and loving according to our liberal ideas and values. The education system has a central role to play here. It must enable people to cope with this change and enable them to move in this new world on their own responsibility and in a self-determined manner and to shape it according to the values of our liberal order.

With the founding of the German University of Digital Science, we want to take the next step and create an university of the digital tomorrow that is unique in this form to date and that will:

and thus enables people around the globe to shape the new digital world as highly educated digitization experts – responsibly and self-determined. In this way, the university also makes an important contribution to the democratization of education, as it detaches it from geographical space and thus reduces barriers to entry.