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What’s special about the CloudHouse?

The adaptive and scalable cloud-based digital infrastructure enables the integrated work of research, teaching, transfer and operative business of the unique business models under one roof.

The CloudHouse offers optimal conditions to work and learn in partnership on the implementation of the ideas of the future in a closely networked research, development and transfer environment. This creates movement and exchange between the various floors.

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The CloudHouse is a space where digital transformation is accompanied by innovative development processes with a focus on creating new companies in the FoundersBase and supporting SMEs through knowledge transfer with the UDS. A new way of working and learning in digitality.

Business models and projects can be collaboratively developed and realized through the UDS University.

The CloudHouse offers a platform-oriented cloud for data and Internet use throughout the house with the associated security requirements (data protection, data security) as well as a usage concept for collaborative work.

The novel data and information management system in the CloudHouse sets strong standards, opening up entirely new possibilities for Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Data Analytics.

The CloudHouse as a digital experience center in the middle of the Media City Babelsberg will set new standards in the future with events in open CommunitySpaces, the inner courtyard and the park.

For whom is the CloudHouse suitable?

Start-ups, founders, students, academics, companies & for all curious and open-minded people.

Benefits of the CloudHouse?

Through the use and interaction in the CloudHouse, the architecture and technology can be experienced as a smart tool for creativity, innovation and digitality. The entire building becomes a beacon for an absolutely innovative interaction of people, architecture and digitality.

An important function of the CloudHouse is to promote innovation processes and idea generation as well as the growth opportunities of the Start-up companies located in Media City Babelsberg.

The knowledge, information and technology transfer between science and practice will be sustainably strengthened by the conception of the CloudHouse, which can then ultimately achieve a support of other regional medium-sized companies and Start-ups, so that existing know-how in the region is retained.

The variety of interfaces and deep infrastructural integration in the CloudHouse enables companies to participate in the access and control platform with their own administration, thus allowing them to grow individually in the digital world.

Where is the CloudHouse?

The CloudHouse is located in the beautiful media city of Babelsberg (Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 14, 14482 Potsdam) in the attractive metropolitan area of Berlin-Brandenburg

What does the CloudHouse look like?


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