Studying at UDS

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Studying at German UDS

To manage and shape our digital future in a responsible and self-determined manner, there is a great need for experts everywhere in our society and the economy who are equipped with the necessary management skills and competencies, understand digital technologies and their potential, and who can competently drive and implement the use of complex IT systems in the various domains.

We aim to provide an excellent academic training for such professionals on a broad front and make them available for the international job market.

The content of all the study programs offered will focus on preparing students from all over the world for the changes associated with digitization in the individual application subjects and areas and enabling them to develop the potential that always comes with it. All study programs are designed in such a way that student-centered, challenge-based learning by means of innovative digital teaching and learning formats is the focus of teaching.

The fully digitally offered programs of the German University of Digital Science’s degree programs can be completed anywhere in the world and with relatively free scheduling. Students thus have a great deal of freedom in the temporal and spatial organization of their studies. This makes it possible, especially for students who are in professional life and lifelong learners, to reconcile their studies with their professional and family obligations.

The offer also fits for students in the global south, in African countries and in the Asian region, who do not have the financial means to come to the universities in Europe or USA universities.