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The FoundersBase is a modern version of a Start-up center that offers not only founders but also established (project) partner companies adequate space to develop.

With the University of Digital Science integrated in the CloudHouse, innovative business models and projects can be further developed and implemented collaboratively. By working with students, existing ideas can be boosted and progressively expanded with novel approaches.

A key feature of the CloudHouse is its flexibility and high-quality technical equipment, which both optimally connects remote participants and promotes digital and analog interaction on site in the best possible way. The use of the entire range of wearable devices, iOS/Android smartphones, Mac/Windows laptops, desktops, large touch displays, VR and MR glasses is thus feasible.

Due to the autonomous core technology, an extraordinarily high protection standard can be realized. Various networking and connectivity models are integrated here to provide data security and compliance, fail-safety (redundancy) and performance (bandwidth, computing power and storage) in a suitable and highly flexible manner for every enterprise usage scenario.

High-end connectivity enables performance “as-a-service” – from the first day of move in to the exact extent required by the respective company in the various development phases.

FoundersBase offers self-contained office units at an attractive inclusive rent (e.g., no separate service charge billing or additional payment). Shared areas also offer the opportunity to network with other founders. Further space and additional meeting and presentation rooms can be rented easily.

FoundersBase members can additionally attend CloudHouse events to gain inspiration, network further, and successfully promote their business model.


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