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Worldwide we are faced with the great challenge of shaping this new world in accordance with our liberal ideas and values in a way that is worth living and loving. The education system must enable people to cope with this change and to move in this new world in a self-responsible and self-determined manner. With the founding of the German University of Digital Science, we want to take the next step and create an institution that is unique in this form to date, one that is

and thus enables people around the globe to shape the new digital world as highly educated digitization experts – responsibly and self-determined.

Students of the German University of Digital Science can experience in all offered study programs a first-class education. The contents of the offered degree programs focus on preparing students from all over the world for the massive changes associated with the development of digital technologies and digitization in the various application areas, and enabling them to develop the potentials that always accompanies them. All degree programs are designed to student-centered, challenge-based learning by means of innovative digital technology and learning formats.

Already during their studies, students benefit from and be involved in cooperations of the university with other research institutions and companies in order to gain a deeper understanding of the potentials of the latest digital technologies and systems and their real live applications.

Students become optimally prepared for their deployment and successful work in the field of digital transformation in business, science or their own startup by additional courses under the heading “Professional Skills” and “Design Thinking” because beside of the professional abilities we see these as core competencies that make a decisive difference in studies and jobs and are indispensable for shaping the digital society.


Courses in the area of professional skills are designed to develop and promote students’ ability to innovate, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial thinking and action. Furthermore, the ability to work in a team, social competence, curiosity and flexibility should be promoted and ethical awareness and basic legal understanding should be developed, i.e. essential skills for understanding and shaping the use of information technology in business and society.

Design thinking plays a special role here as a proven approach and mindset that can be used to drive transformation processes in society and business. Originally developed as an innovation method for products and services at the Stanford University, design thinking education promotes team intelligence and the ability to collaborate as the basis for new learning and working models. Students will be enabled to take on, master and shape the immense challenges of the digital transformation of our society and our economy with an innovation-open mindset.

Join us to experience an innovative digital world-class academic education at the German University of Digital Science!