Studium Generale

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Studium Generale

Committed to education as a common good, UDS makes its contribution to the effective change and development of educational action, both in terms of content and method. A key element in this is the Studium Generale. This long-standing and widely known approach was classically extracurricular to promote general education. Under the current conditions, this approach has once again gained in importance and justification, so that it will take on a supporting function in the UDS.

The goal of the Studium Generale is to take a model leadership role in changing our educational paradigm and to realize this task in four fields of action. These are formulated as goals:

Goal 1:

Lifelong education for everyone.

Goal 2:

Equity and accessibility in education.

Goal 3:

Evolution of education in the context of digitally evolved conditions and requirements.

Goal 4:

Explorative development and imparting of meta-competencies through the formation of focal points in Studium Generale.