University of Digital Science


UDS Application Process


Research is firmly anchored in the profile of UDS and forms a key element of the strategic development. It is interdisciplinary, application-oriented and on a high scientific level. In addition, it is closely linked to science-oriented teaching and to subsequent doctoral studies.

Our research will retain its foundation in disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths. It will define the frontiers of knowledge and take place in innovative multidisciplinary spaces.

The creation and exploitation of new research opportunities will be enabled by all our staff (academic and non-academic) appreciating our innovative and evolutionary working environment, our willingness to explore new ways of working, our ability to connect different conceptual and disciplinary contexts, our valued partner status within extended and dynamic networks, and our physical locations and facilities.

We will work purposefully to ensure that our growing scope and quality of research output is matched by research that can be adopted and leveraged for widespread impact in our national and international networks and partnerships.

Transformative research at the UDS understands itself as a process whose questions aim towards societal problems and whose concrete goal and transformation paths are worked out in order to solve these problems.

Through our focus on internationality, interculturality, and diversity, we will make a constant contribution to sustainable transformation and also want to contribute to the discussion on the opportunities of digitization, aspects of the open-source movement, future patterns of prosperity and a culture on eye level.

This discussion should serve as a basis for young scientists in particular to demand new networks and structural changes and to meet the demands of the future.

Research-based learning is an integrative design process firmly anchored in the UDS. This means meeting students at eye level and involving them in the definition of problems and research questions as well as in the actual production of knowledge on an equal footing.