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Competence Centers

The function of the Competence Center (CC) within the UDS organization is to provide a complete academic representation of a research or knowledge area.


Knowledge, trends and topics are thus to be carried into the UDS and also – in the spirit of the interdisciplinary approach – into the other CCs.


Ultimately, the CC should support the UDS on its way to a comprehensive Digital Science approach and identify innovative topics as well as research from the university, making them visible and usable.


They act as platforms themselves for joint inter- and transdisciplinary research and organize projects with partners from research, science and industry. The CC also develop the modules for the respective study areas.

DAC Data, Architecture & Cloud Computing

VE Virtual Education

DET Digital Economy & Transformation

DMC Digital Media & Communication

TIS Transformative Innovation & Sustainability

AIR Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

DL Digital Law

TM Transportation & Mobility

DAE Digital Art & Expression

DEB Digital Entrepreneurship & Business Models