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Our approach to implement Humboldt’s university 2.0 is unique enabling absolvents to understand and creatively design the upcoming digital world based on values of the digital enlightenment, like reason, progress, emancipation, liberty, tolerance, and which acts completely digital. So is our impact, and we invite you to join us in supporting these remarkable university of the digital tomorrow.  

Although German University of Digital Science is a German institution it has a global reach and impact by offering the various study programs on digital technology and transformation to a worldwide audience, in particular we warmly welcome students from the Global South. Since the study programs can be passed completely digital the nature of our reach is far greater than that of peer universities.

We are actively seeking the generous support of philanthropists who share our vision for improving both the access to and quality of higher education. We offer the ability to sponsor entire colleges, endowed chairs, key leadership roles, and signature German University of Digital Science experiences through named gifts. This is an option for those wishing to leave a lasting personal or family legacy at this innovative place of higher education.