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Application Process

UDS Application Process

Application Process

We want to get to know you and not just your grades. Our explicit application process also gives you the chance to get to know us and the concept of the UDS better.

1. Step

Check our Admission requirements.

2. Step
Application portal

Join the application portal (an application guide will lead you through the further steps).

3. Step
Upload your documents

Upload your documents. To optimize the process, we are using the latest AI supported technology with the benefit and possibility of providing you very fast feedback.

4. Step
After getting positive response

If you get a positive response to your uploaded documents, only two steps are left to become a part of the UDS. 

- The first step involves a structured Interview, which focusses on getting to know you as a person and you getting to know us.

- The second step is an assessment center in which you will meet possible fellow students and how to move in a digital space. 

Further you will experience how teaching and learning at the UDS is performed.

5. Step
Final decision

After these last steps we will inform you about the final decision and hopefully tell you “Welcome to the UDS!”


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